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    Tree Service Akron OH

    We are a local family-run tree service business in the city of Akron in northeast Ohio. Our family is passionate about offering tree services in other communities: Canton, Medina, Wooster, Massillon, Ravenna, Alliance, and more! Our mission is to provide structural stability in the most efficient and safe manner. We are insured and licensed which will assure comfort when working with us. It is our utmost priority to present our clients with exceptional results!

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    More About Our Tree Company

    Our establishment has graciously served in the Akron community for many years, gaining a trustworthy reputation. As a tree service business, we understand the importance of customer service, which is why we also provide thorough communication training to our team. Many of those who partnered with us for tree service become our loyal customers. We treat each client with respect and professionalism to contain our long-term relationships. With years of serving our clients, we gain connections with word-by-mouth referrals. Scroll down for our testimonials.

    Why Tree Care Is Important

    Our services play a huge role in tree maintenance! Just like humans, trees are living beings. They require water, nutrients, and trimming.. Trees can also get diseases and decay, attracting mold and mushrooms, as well as becoming the perfect nesting habitat or insects or animals. It can also grow very big with large branches, which can lead to dangerous situations. Overall, it is wiser to call professionals to tend to your trees to avoid extra expenses when things go wrong. As arborists, we are skilled at maintaining and treating your trees to allow maximum growth. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with tending to your plants on your own, but getting professionals to assess them would be helpful for future references. Tree service is actually one of the riskiest jobs in the labor industry. There are many factors that have to be considered when doing any process. Call us for tree service if you're in Akron, Ohio.



    "They listened to my concerns and questions about the tree removal process. They were patient with me, which was comforting. After our call on Monday, they arrived promptly on Thursday afternoon and removed 3 of my trees. I recommend this tree service company!"

    Dan W

    "The team arrived a bit earlier than our appointment date but that is still amazing because they went right to work! They grind off the stump in our backyard. Once they were done, the hole was filled, ready to go for some extra gardening. I 100% recommend them for stump removal. If you're in Akron, make sure to call them!"

    James H

    "I called them 3 times this year for tree trimming and pruning services. They neatly trimmed the 5 trees on the side and front of my house. It clearly looked like it was professionally shaped!"

    Stephan B

    Hire Our Quality Tree Pros

    We do not announce ourselves as the “cheapest tree service company” because we honor ourselves for our excellent service and fair pricing. Our company wants to promote quality of service rather than the price. In contrast to us and other establishments, we are honest about our expertise. We are confident in our family of arborists because we have gone through many pieces of training within the company to ensure the best results for our customers. We plot out blueprints and plan out exactly what is to do before doing it. We believe that time is a valuable matter for us and our clients which is why we work swiftly. Our Akron tree surgeons are state board certified arborists by the Ohio Chapter International Society of Arboriculture. You can trust us to work on even the toughest jobs because we are also insured with liability and compensation insurance.

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    Call Your Local Tree Experts!

    Our experienced family of tree surgeons and backyard specialists can tackle any circumstances that surfaced. We are flexible with giving your trees the custom cut and trim that you desire. When in need of tree service: tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, stump removal, or cabling and bracing installation, we are fully equipped to give you great results. With our knowledge with native trees of Ohio, we are confident that we can offer assistance to cut or trim any trees of type or sizes. We recommend to always seek professional agriculture guidance before making a big decision on your trees. Although, if you choose to handle the tree curing yourself, we advise you to take the proper precautions. When handling such dangerous tasks on your own, it could become extremely stressful. We understand the hardship that comes when dealing with trees. Which is why we will always be ready to guide every step of the way to give you the results that you desire.

    Tree Removal Services

    Many of our clients seek us to remove their trees so that there could be more room to make landscape plans. Lots of families dream to have a mini playground in the backyard or a gazebo. Our team is familiar with northeast Ohio trees! We are here to make your dream come true by processing the first step by clearing our trees. As we mentioned before, trees can decay or become diseased. It occurs due to poor maintenance, storm damage, or insect infestation. Removing the infected tree would ease your mind from future harm. Extracting a tree is one of the most brutal and difficult processes due to its height and weight. This requires a full team of professionals with agriculture expertise, which we so happen to have! We have long ladders and chainsaws to chop the tree piece by piece, as well as a large bucket truck for transportation. No matter the reason for your request, we will support your decision and give you the tree service that you deserve! 

    Affordable Tree Trimming

    If you are interested in custom cut tree service, we are the best company for the job! Tree trimming is the most common process for trees. However, allowing professionals to tend to your plants and trees would allow it to flourish in the best way possible. Pruning is the process of cutting certain parts of the tree, allowing it to grow healthily. This is down in the winter when the trees are less prone to getting infected. Of course many think that tree trimming is purely done to keep up with a clean appearance, however, there are more beneficial reasons for this process. Trees become rotten overall when they receive a lack of care. The first sign to a decaying tree is often from the tips of the branches. Trimming the decaying part of the branches prevents further spreading. Branches can also get into the utility lines. Trees can sometimes grow branches that are caught up in sensitive areas that could lead to unfortunate accidents. Properly taking care of trees can promote new growth of blossoming flowers and leaves. We offer the best branch cutting service in Akron!

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    Cabling and Bracing

    If you are interested in preserving the natural habitat while adding extra support for trees to prevent future harm, the cabling and bracing system is the best choice! Most storm damages are caused by trees, especially the ones with large branches. As the heavy wind brushes through the big tree limbs, it causes it to sway dramatically, then collapses due to the high tension within the joints. You can imagine that the branches are ripped off of the stem by the end of a dark and heavy rainstorm! Sometimes it could even crash onto cars or sheds. Adding the cabling and bracing system would cushion any severe weather conditions: rainstorms, winter storms, hail storms, and even more. Snowstorms can add layers of snow onto branches, weighing the limbs, causing it to break off. The cables would add resistance to tree branch movements while adding in bolts would add extra support to weaker points of the hinges. If you have large trees near the utility cord, this system is a great way to prevent the branches from tugging onto it, or even worst, pull it down during a nasty storm! You can assure that we will efficiently install the system swiftly as our team is trained to fully strap ourselves and use the pulley system to ensure maximum safety. 

    Stump Removal

    If you have an unattractive stump in the front of your yard, no need to worry because we are here to remove it! Stumps can actually be more annoying than we think! We don’t realize this but, technically stumps are living beings, therefore, it is sucking nutrients and water from surrounding plants and grass. Sometimes, it could become infected and become a disease! Rotting stumps can become a potential nesting habitat for snakes and insects. It could become traumatizing to see the stump on your residence and also became a home for evil little critters and slithering animals. Stumps can also become the perfect habitat for mold! No homeowner wants to spread mold, insects, or awful animals to their land, then eventually into their own home! This block of wood is potentially a big health hazard for running children and elders! Tripping over a stump is never a good thing. It could even become a lawsuit if a neighbor trips over it.

    Stump Grinding in Akron

    At Akron Tree Service, our environmental-friendly and most efficient process of stump removal are by using a power grinder. We can efficiently remove the stump without leaving a giant tent on the ground. We can even use the grinded stump as a mulch! Another option is to remove the stump manually, however, it is labor-intensive and frankly, unnecessarily more expensive. However, no matter the route of stump extraction, we will support your decision to provide you the results you desire. Our company offers the best stump grinding service in Ohio!

    Emergency Tree Services

    As an Akron Tree Service, we also offer emergency assistance, safety precaution guidance, and commercial tree service. Our family has served the Akron community for many years. When the city gets hit with the worst storms, we will be there to help. Trees could get impacted by the storm and collapse onto houses. We will always be ready to remove the tree and transport it as soon as possible. When given a request for tree removal in a commercial renovated property, we will swiftly clear out the land, giving freedom to plan out a custom design. We advise you to take a look at our range of tree solutions that can prepare for future storm impacts. 

    Storm Damage Cleanup

    When the worst rainstorm hits, we won’t leave you stranded! When in need of urgent 24-hour tree emergency services, our team will come as fast as possible and offer assistance. At Akron Tree Service, we offer a variety of services that will pull you out of the worst circumstances. After a tragic storm, our lot clearing service will be the first step to storm recovery! We will efficiently clear out destroyed parts and debris, leaving the place spotless and ready for restoration. Our bucket trucks are perfect for the transportation of debris, tree removal, and more! If you are experiencing water damage due to extensive damage from trees during a storm, we will assist in water damage restoration and tree removal. If you are in need of snow plowing service, our team can definitely assist! We provide the best all around tree services and storm damage restoration in Akron Ohio. Our company also provides preventative tree maintenance for added cushioning during even the worst storms and natural disasters.

    Commercial Tree Services

    Our tree services are perfect for property renovation! If you are looking for perfect trim cut trees, removing unsightly stumps, or removing crowding trees, we are the perfect tree service company for you! Within our tree trimming and pruning services, we offer canopy reducing and lifting. This is the process of removing the lower half of the trees and trimming the outer parts of the branches. This is recommended for small to medium-sized trees, however, we advise you to call us for a tree assessment to give further information. Stumps are considered to be unprofessional and unattractive in a business environment. It simply looks like a tree removal that wasn’t completed all the way. Also, stumps can attract slithering animals, bugs, and fungus. The last thing a business needs are insect infestation and a swarm of fungus and animals on their land of the establishment. We advise you to get busy running your business, while we handle your tree concerns. If your business is renovating or expanding, part of the renovation is removing trees. Companies tend to look presentable and put together when trees are perfectly framed around the building. Our team is careful and efficient with removing trees to present your desired results. 

    Area We Service

    We provide tree services such as tree removal, stump removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, branch removal and more in Akron Ohio, Medina, Canton, Wooster, Massillon, Ravenna, Alliance, and more!