Storm Damage Service

 Storm Damage Service in Akron, Ohio

In Akron, there are different types of storms that can cause trees to weaken. Summer storms can cause the roots to decay and fail, the branches can weaken and collapse. During the winter, snow can layer on branches, weighing it down. It is important to have preparations for the storm as safety precautions. 

Tree Trimming and Pruning Is the Best Storm Damage Preparation

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The best way to cushion the impact of the storm is through proper maintenance of the trees. A large tree is more susceptible to dangerous situations than a small tree. Tree trimming is the most common tree care process. Our team will clip off the small to medium-sized branches to relieve the weight on giant branches. We do not encourage cutting off giant branches as it is considered a “flesh cut.” This encourages decay word microorganisms to feed on the opening.

We also practice dead wooding, which is the pruning process of removing dead limbs that are potentially dangerous, diseased, or attract pests. 

Benefits of the Cabling and Bracing System

If you are concerned about the large growing branches, we recommend a cabling and bracing installation. Adding cables will minimize the movement of branches and alleviate the pressure within the joints connecting to the stem. The cables are durable as our team prefers to work with metal cords. Along with the installation, we bolt in the weak points of the stem to ensure that the piece does not fall in the future. During the installation, we pull the cord and push the tension from the opposite leaning of the tree to alleviate the pressure. This due is our recommended way to add structural support to trees to cushion the impact of seasonal storms while preserving the environment and wildlife. 

We want to disclaim that the cabling and the bracing system does not prevent future accidents. This simply adds support to trees and reduces the impacts of any unfortunate events. Also, our company does not offer tree removal as a safety precaution for storm damage because as nature lovers, we want to preserve trees as long as we can. 

24-Hour Emergency Services.

storm damage near me

Besides our guidance for storm preparation, we also offer emergency services. If you are ever in need of urgent help, we will be there to support you. As an Akron Tree Service company, we care about those in the Akron community and offer a variety of services and resources to assist during storms or aid in restoration.

  • 24-hour tree service
  • Lot clearing Service
  • Bucket truck transportation
  • Debris clearing service
  • Water damage restoration
  • Snow plowing service

Call us at 330-302-2052 for immediate assistance! Our team will do our best to arrive as quickly as we can. We offer tree service in Akron, Ohio city, as well as other areas: Medina, Canton, Wooster, Massillon, Ravenna, Alliance, and more!

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