Stump Removal Akron OH

What many people don’t know about stumps is that it can decay and become a potential nesting habitat for snakes and insects. Decaying stumps have properties that grow mold, attract unwanted pests onto your land, and sometimes, even your home! Frankly, they can also be a physical health hazard for your adventurous children and elders, causing them to trip without awareness! It could even become a lawsuit if someone other than your close friends and family members trips over this block of wood. Lastly, people forget that stumps are still alive! Meaning its roots are continuously sucking nutrients and water from its surrounding healthy plants without you even knowing it! Make sure to call for a qualified tree service company for quality stump removal or stump grinding. If you are looking to remove your stump, you’ve come to the right place! Our expert tree service providers are experienced in removing even the toughest deep root stumps. 

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    Stump Grinding Akron OH

    Our environmental-friendly and most efficient process of stump removal are by using a power grinding machine. A professional stump power grinder is a heavy-duty machine that removes the entire tree stump without leaving a hole on the ground. Our team uses the best handheld stump grinders for stump removal. This route of removal eliminates the future risk of insect nesting. The benefit of stump grinding is that the grindings of the stump can be used as a mulch to fill the hole up as well. We will remove the stump by positioning the power grinder over the stump’s surface and work our way down to the ground. Then we’ll grind around the area to remove the roots as well. We will then shovel the dent with the stump’s mulch to fill up the hole, then cover up the surface with dirt. You can assure that we will get the job done because we are a local tree service company in Akron that is experienced in removing trees and stumps in Ohio.

    Ways To Remove A Stump

    When using any type of machine for tree service, there are levels of safety risks to consider. We want to make sure that no one is harmed during this process. Which is why our company is very strict on our safety precaution guidelines. There are many different ways to remove a stump. Some are more expensive or time-consuming than others.

    One way is to shovel around the stump, extract the roots, remove the stump, then cover up the hole that is left over. This could be extremely time-intensive as stumps are very heavy and deeply rooted. You also have to consider covering up the hole. 

    The second way is to burn the stump with layers of logs surrounding the stump. Then dig out the ashes, and cover up the hole. We highly do not recommend this option because it could be very dangerous and alarming to those around your property. 

    The third option is to use a chemical stump removal. You first drill holes into the stump, pour in the chemicals, then wait for the stump to rot. It could take more than a month for the stump to rot and soften. After, take an ax and cut up the stump, burn the remainings, then remove the ashes. This is another removal process that we do not advise because the soaked up chemical stump is harmful to the environment. This is also a health hazard for those that are around the stump. Especially to pets that can easily digest things. 

    The fourth option is to let the stump naturally decompose and rot away. Then cut up the pieces and extract manually. We also do not recommend this because a rotting stump can become nesting grounds for animals and attracts mold and bugs, which is considered a health hazard.

    Some might consider simply chopping down the stump to the ground, however, If cut too low, it can damage lawn mower blades. Overall, the manual stump removal process is significant time intensive and more difficult than stump grinding. Regular stump removal is also not environmentally friendly and leaves a huge hole in the ground. Manual stump removal is also averagely twice the cost of a stump grinding due to the difficulty of the process. 

    Stump Grinding Company Akron OH

    As an Akron tree service company in Ohio, we are strong believers in giving desired results in the most affordable and efficient way possible. Which is why we recommend our clients for stump grinding instead of traditional stump removal. However, at the end of the day, the final decision is on our customer. We will support the choice of tree service no matter what. If you are in need of stump grinding or traditional stump removal, do not hesitate to reach out to us at 330-302-2052 or fill out our information form!

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