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It could be frustrating when your trees crowd around your house! It prefers to have trees framing around the house, allowing it to shine! As a tree service company in Akron OH, we understand the importance of having the desired overall look of your home and land. Many of our clients request for tree removal service to make landscape plans. Without trees, they can build a custom garden, a beautiful pond, or even have a whole playground for their children! 

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    Service To Remove Trees Akron OH

    It could actually be hazardous if your trees are growing too close to your house. When a storm hits, the tree could brush up to your house, or even worst, collapse right onto your roof! Sometimes trees can also grow into the electricity lines. It could get pretty frightening to imagine the branches destroying the cord during a windy storm. If you simply want to request to remove your trees to prevent any awful circumstance to occur, we will support you all the way. We offer many ways of tree removal, make sure to ask us for options.

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    Removing Diseased Tree

    Just like humans, trees can also become sick. Diseased trees are caused by poor maintenance, storm damage, or bug infestation! There are some signs that you should look out for: fluid leakage, growth of grey mold, peeling bark, discolored leaves and flowers, and powdery mildew. Many people are too busy to realize that their tree is showing signs of diseases, which is completely understandable. However, when it is too late, it could start spreading mold, attract insects, and dead limbs. The scariest situation is when the tree becomes too weak that it all collapse on your property or even on others! We do not want you to ever feel unsafe or concerned about your tree instability, therefore we encourage you to reach out to us if you need guidance. We are confident in alleviating your concerns as we are the best tree removal company in Akron!

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    Tree removal is the most dangerous service because it is labor-intensive due to its weight and height. Saying, “TIMBER!” and swinging an ax at the lower half of the tree is the most dangerous and irresponsible thing to do! It can crush surrounding trees and properties. Our company is experienced in removing trees in the safest way possible! With our long ladders and chainsaws, our tree climber will chop off the branches piece by piece. We will start from the top to the bottom. Our team is trained to signal each other before we start dropping blocks of wood from at least 6 ft high up in the tree. We make sure to wear a hardhat and strap up to ensure optimal security. Our family of tree surgeons are familiar to native trees of Ohio, so we know our way around to removing even the toughest trees. Make sure to hire a qualified tree service company for proper tree cutting or tree removal.

    Tree Removal Company Akron OH

    At Akron Tree Service, we are state board certified arborists in Akron Ohio! We are the best tree removal company in Akron as we always listen to our client’s needs. We are not like local tree service companies because we have gone through proper training to ensure the best quality services to our clients. Our team has also gone through our company’s additional intensive training that incorporates customer service so that our clients can get the most value. We always go above and beyond to listen to our client’s concerns and ideas and build a comfortable relationship. Our company does not promote “cheap” tree removal pricing because we believe in our quality of services. We offer price right tree service. Therefore, we hold our reputation high for our amazing tree services and long-term customer relationships.

    Our tree removal service company gives great results in Akron OH, and other communities: Canton, Medina, Wooster, Massillon, Ravenna, Alliance, and more!